Twin Cities Young Ambassadors

Meet Chasity Hanuman…

My family and I went through a life changing experience after my dad suffered, but fortunately survived, a massive heart attack. From then on out, I was committed to living a healthier lifestyle and wanted to encourage others to do the same.”

Chasity has been an Ambassador since 2013 and works at Target in Minneapolis.   She and her family have also supported the American Heart Association by participating in the Twin Cities Heart Walk.

Chasity Hanuman

Meet Amy Batchelder....

"I'm passionate about the AHA because my grandpa died at age 43. He left behind my grandma and five kids. His death shaped my mother’s life and that carried through to me. (Other grandparents) suffered strokes and two years ago my grandma Ellen died during a heart procedure.”

Amy has been an ambassador since 2012, Amy joined after co-chairing the Heart Walk for her company, U.S. Bank.

“I dedicate my marathon races and I raise money for AHA in honor of her."

Amy Batchelder YP Twin CitiesYoung Ambassadors Marathon Amy 
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