Twin Cities Health Equity Board

Health Equity Board

Health Equity Board members are Power To End Stroke Ambassadors for the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association within our communities.

Health Equity Board dynamically brings together volunteer champions of the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Stroke Association (ASA) within African-American & Hispanic communities to address health disparities.  Important local plans, activities and challenges are highlighted. Affiliate and National updates are shared.  Successes and achievements are recognized and celebrated.  The culmination of activities raise awareness and funding for scientific research to improve cardiovascular disease and stroke outcomes for African-American and Hispanic communities.
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African Americans are twice as likely to have a stroke as any other group, yet many of these strokes are preventable. Power To End Stroke, our national campaign to help African Americans recognize and reduce their risk of stroke, embraces and celebrates their culture, energy, creativity and lifestyles.  Complete PTES Training Module and Survey

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Power Ambassador Community
Power To End Stroke is excited to announce the launch of the  Power Ambassador Community, a place for Power Ambassadors across the nation to share information about what they are doing to promote the PTES movement. 

It is a gathering place to share successes, ask questions, review training materials, download program materials, post pictures and videos, post events to a centralized calendar and chat in real-time. 

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