Tuscaloosa Go Red Luncheon

  • Updated:Jul 5,2012


Bryant Conference Center
240 Paul Bryant Drive
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 35487
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Starts:Thu, 6 Dec 2012 10:30:00 AM
Ends:Thu, 6 Dec 2012 1:00:00 PM

For more info please contact:  Iralyn Sumerel  ~  iralyn.sumerel@heart.org  ~  205-510-1510

GSA-GRFW_placesettingTogether the women of Go Red can bring a voice to this silent killer to help save lives. We can listen to what our hearts are telling us, talk to our doctors, and spread the word to our friends and community about making the right choices and taking action.

Go Red For Women needs you to shatter the silence by choosing to Speak Up about heart disease. Be part of the movement, make choices, speak up and spread the word. By sharing this commitment with Go Red For Women, together we can help save lives. Be a part of this extraordinary day.
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Open Your Heart
Open Your Heart is an opportunity in the Go Red for Women Luncheon where you can speak up by making a lifesaving GSA-GRFW_Natl-ladiesdonation. Chances are you know a woman, man or child who has suffered from heart disease. Your donation honors these survivors, but also those who did not. Make a difference with a donation to fund the programs and research that will make a healthy future for women a reality.

Circle of Red
The Circle of Red is a very special group of women who contribute significant resources and influence in support of the cause. Their involvement is crucial in driving local support to fund life saving research and to educate women. The Circle of Red is like a grassroots sisterhood, made up of amazing women who advocate for women's health and are determined to save lives. Choose to become a part of the Circle of Red today and your commitment, support and influence will make a tremendous impact in the lives of many women.

Click the “Find out more about the Event” button above to find out more about Open Your Heart and Circle of Red.  Together we can conquer heart disease.

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