South Sound Go Red For Women Ambassadors

Updated:Oct 12,2012

2010 Pierce County Ambassadors

Go Red For Women Ambassadors

Go Red Ambassadors are a passionate group of volunteers dedicated to sharing the lifesaving message of Go Red to our local community.  The ambassadors include survivors, caregivers and other women who want to make a difference by sharing their personal stories and experiences with heart disease or stroke.

Learn from their stories.  You may request the ambassadors to speak to your group, company or organization about heart health and Go Red For Women.  This is a voluntary service and requests are filled based on availability.  To request a Go Red Ambassador visit, please contact Connie Hara at 253-830-2144 or e-mail  Please provide a description of the event and audience, date, time, location and your contact information.

Become a Go Red Ambassador. If you’re like us and you think all women (and men) should know the truth about heart disease and stroke, consider joining the ambassador group.  Go Red Ambassadors appear at various events, companies and functions to raise awareness about Go Red and the American Heart Association.  If interested, contact Connie Hara at 253-830-2144 or e-mail

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Meet Some of the Go Red Ambassadors

Pierce County Ambassador Tina Blackett
Photo credit: Trina Jones
Tina Blackett I’m going Red For Women because I experienced a life threatening, life-changing heart attack at age 52. I’d like to encourage all women to speak with their health care providers about assessing their heart disease risk.  Eating a heart healthy diet, exercising daily and reducing stress are things I wish I had done better prior to my heart attack.  Managing the risk is much better than managing heart disease!
Pierce County Ambassador Carol Mathewson
Photo credit: Trina Jones
Carol Mathewson On Aug. 17, 2008, at the age of 56, I participated in the Danskin Triathlon and had sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) during the swimming portion.  That’s the last thing I remember until I woke up from a coma three days later. My family learned that about 20 yards from the finishing line, I hung onto a man’s kayak. Then I went underwater and straight down. All at the same time I had SCA, I went unconscious and had a near drowning.  At the hospital they paralyzed me and cooled my body temperature down for 24 hours, then brought it back up.  I spent 23 days in the hospital, got a defibrillator, and had five months of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

I now work full-time. I thank God every day for my recovery. I've been told that only 3% of SCA folks live and of those living, they usually aren't 100%...I'm very blessed!
Watch Carol’s message about CPR on YouTube.

South Sound Ambassador - Dyann Lyon
Photo credit: Trina Jones
Dyann Lyon Months after losing my late husband to a heart attack I was shocked when I saw an American Heart Association presentation at a Rotary meeting. It was then that I learned the warning signs of a heart attack. I was devastated to realize my husband had been exhibiting many of the warning signs for weeks before he died and neither of us was educated to recognize what was coming.

It is now years later and I am happily re-married to a wonderful man. When we first met he was on heart medication and we realized we needed to learn how he could avoid the same fate. Within six months after we both made some simple lifestyle changes my husband was off all medications and we both feel better than we have in decades. I have become a strong advocate for a heart healthy lifestyle and welcome the opportunity to share information with others so they can avoid the pain of losing a loved one to a disease that is mostly preventable.  

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