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EMS Consultant for Midwest Affiliate 
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South Dakota Mission: Lifeline 12 Lead Infrastructure and Community AED Grant
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Heart disease is the number one killer in South Dakota and nationwide annually.   This year an estimated 1.4 million people will suffer a heart attack. Approximately 400,000 of those victims will experience a STEMI. Unfortunately, approximately 30% of STEMI patients do not receive any form of treatment to restore blood flow, whether through clot-busting drugs commonly referred to as thrombolytics or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), the latter being the preferred therapy which uses mechanical means such as stents, balloon angioplasty or surgery.

Time is muscle. The outcome of STEMI events depends greatly on the care patients receive and the timeframe in which they receive it. The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology's guidelines recommend that balloon angioplasty be performed within 90 minutes - preferably less - of arrival at any hospital.

South Dakota has 66 counties covering nearly 76,000 square miles. Currently in South Dakota, only six hospitals are capable of performing PCI procedures and only five regularly receive STEMI patients.

While half of all PCI-capable facilities are located in Sioux Falls, the state's largest city, the distance between other PCI-capable facilities is great. More than 100 miles separate separate the closest PCI-capable facilities in South Dakota, while the greatest distance between PCI-capable facilities is approximately 350 miles in the gap that separates Sioux Falls and Rapid City.

In addition, South Dakota is a state heavily dependent upon volunteer EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) to operate ambulance services across the state, particularly in rural areas, and South Dakota is a state with limited regulation and limited access to public funding sources.

In partnership with the medical community, this collaboration has the power to transform patient care for future heart attack victims in South Dakota.  This innovative regional collaboration will work to ensure equipment compatibility, consistent training and uniform protocols for both transporting and treating heart attack patients across the region.

The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust provides funding for innovative projects that use information technologies to connect rural patients to specialty medical care, provides the latest medical therapies and facilitates programs for underserved populations that place particular stress on existing health care facilities and local governments.

In April, 2010 the Helmsley Charitable Trust awarded the American Heart Association an $8.4 million grant to build a STEMI system of care in the state of South Dakota.  The Mission: Lifeline funding is part of the Helmsley Rural Health Program which over the last two years awarded a total of more than $13 million in grants to institutions and organizations in the upper Midwest.

To join us as a partner, or find more information about the project, contact:

Gary Myers, MS,NREMT
Sr. Mission: Lifeline Director
EMS Consultant for Midwest Affiliate

(605) 215-1551
PO Box 90545
Sioux Falls, SD  57109-545



South Dakota Mission: Lifeline Resources

South Dakota Statewide STEMI Guideline

Webinar Series: MN, ND, SD, NE, WY and MT
"Rural Mission: Lifeline Webinar Series Invitation"
2nd Thursday of the month, until October 2014
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October 9, Noon - 1 CST: Montana host

Rural M:L Webinar Series home page
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Public Education Campaigns

South Dakota Statewide STEMI Video Conference
December 19, 2013

Dr. Stys, SD Statewide STEMI Guidelines  PDF

Avera Heart Hospital Mission: Lifeline Case Presentation  PDF

Evelio D. Garcia, MD, FACC, FSCAI, Medical Director of Cardiology, Prairie Lakes Healthcare Systems, "Myocardial Infarction Complications"  PDF

ACTION Registry, Get With The Guidelines, "Data Source"  PDF

The Cardiac Care Project, LUCAS devices  PDF

Mindy Cook, RN, BSN, Director Mission: Lifeline North Dakota, Minnesota "Mission: Lifeline Overview"  PDF

David R. Burt, MD, The University of Virginia, "Rural + Resource-Limited (R&R-L) STEMI System of Care"  PDF

David R. Burt, MD, The University of Virginia, "Inter-facility STEMI Transfer Worksheet"  PDF

David R. Burt, MD, The University of Virginia,"Case Studies in optimizing inter-facility STEMI transfers"  PDF

Belle Fourche Ambulance, Spearfish Regional Hospital, Spearfish Ambulance, and Rapid City Regional Hospital, "STEMI Systems of Care"  PDF

South Dakota Mission: Lifeline STEMI Conference Presentations
November 16, 2012

Michelle Gardner, VP Quality Improvement, American Heart Association
Travis Spier, RN, EMT-P Sanford Health
2012 South Dakota AHA National Mission: Lifeline Update

Carna Atherton-Pray, RN & Wade Sendelbach, RN, EMT-P, Avera St. Luke's Hospital
Bystander to Discharge: The Chain in Action

Kari Gales, RN, Prairie Lakes Healthcare
Cardiac Care Doesn't End at Discharge

Jeffrey Sather, MD, Trinity Health
Mission: Lifeline North Dakota Progress To Date from our Border State

Naveen Rajpurohit, MD, Sanford Heart Hospital
Sanford Chest Pain Network: Improving Rural STEMI Outcomes

Travis Spier, RN, EMT-P, Sanford Health
Mission: Lifeline South Dakota Hospital and Pre-hospital Engagement, Training, Sustainability

Tom Stys, MD, South Dakota Mission: Lifeline Chair
South Dakota: State of the State

Julie Poppe, RN, BSN, Rapid City Regional Hospital
STEMI System Feedback & Recognition: The Regional Health Model & Case Study

Marisa Hanson, NREMT-P, Brookings EMS
Surprise STEMI

South Dakota Mission: Lifeline STEMI Summit
November 30, 2011

Michelle Gardner, VP Quality Improvement
American Heart Association
Overview of Mission: Lifeline Systems of Care

Travis Spier, Paramedic and kRN
Sanford Health
EMS: STEMI Education Update
12-Lead for the Hospital

Kathleen O'Neill, Senior Director Quality Initiatives, Illinois and South Dakota
American Heart Association
Julie Poppe, RN, Rapid City
Regional Hospital
Quality Data: Completing the feedback loop to EMS and referring hospitals

Dr. Tom Stys, Medical Director of Cardiology Services
Sanford Cardiovascular Institute, Sanford Heart Hospital
STEMI and the Interventional Cardiologist's Role 

Jeri Schons, RN, CNO
Sanford Tracy Medical Center
Chest Pain Network: STEMI Care in an Outlying Facility

Kari Gales, RN, Cath Lab Director
Prairie Lakes Hospital
A Success STEMI Case Study: Watertown, SD from the Cath Lab Perspective

Jean Skonhovd, RN, Director of Emergency Department
Avera Hospital of South Dakota
How to Decrease Door In / Door Out Time for Transferring Facilities

South Dakota Mission: Lifeline STEMI Summit 
November 4, 2010  

David Burt, MD, University of Virginia
STEMI Boot Camp...South Dakota Style!: Optimizing Care in the Rural Environment   Download

Jodi Doering, RN, South Dakota Mission: Lifeline Director and Judy James, Regional Mission: Lifeline Director, American Heart Association
Mission: Lifeline - Welcome to the Fall 2010 STEMI Summit  Download

Steve Schroeder MD, Avera Hand County Memorial Hospital
ED Role in Activation of STEMI in Non PCI Hospitals  Download

Susan Rogers RN, BSN, MSN, Associate Director, ACTION Registry-GWTG
ACTION Registry-GWTG - How Will We Measure Our Success Download

Tom P Stys, FACC, MD, Medical Director, Sanford Cardiology 
Reperfusion Strategies for STEMI  Download

Joe Dolezal NREMT-P, CCEMT-P, Mitchell Fire and Ambulance and Travis Spier RN, NREMT-P, CCEMT-P, Sanford Health-EMS Outreach
EMS Role and 12 Lead Transmission Process  Download


Quality Improvement
Rebekah Cradduck, SD AHO
Kris Gunther, Avera
Alisa Knudson, Avera
Denise Muntefeering, Avera
Kathleen O'Neill, AHA
Julie Poppe, Regional Health
Pam Schochenmeier, South Dakota
Steve Schroeder, Avera
Travis Spier, Sanford Health
John Srtska, Avera
Lynn Thomas, Sanford Health
Shelly Turbak, Prairie Lakes
Sheila Volesch, Prairie Lakes

Interventional Cardiology
Dr. Evilio Garcia, Watertown
Dr. Navin Gupta, Avera St. Luke's
Dr. Michael Hibbard, Avera
Dr. Tom Stys, Sanford Health
Dr. Jim Walder, Regional Health