Smoke-Free Atlanta Campaign

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Smoke-Free Atlanta

The goal of the Smoke-Free Atlanta Campaign is to educate the public about the dangers of secondhand smoke and campaign for comprehensive smoke-free workplaces in Atlanta. Most people are exposed to secondhand smoke in public places like bars and restaurants. Secondhand smoke in bars and restaurants expose both workers and customers to the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Doesn’t Everyone Have the Right to a Smoke-Free Environment?

  • 97% of Atlanta residents polled believe smoking is a health hazard.*
  • 93% of Atlanta residents polled believe workers should be protected from exposure to secondhand smoke.*
  • 96% of Atlanta residents polled believed everyone has the right to breathe clean air in public places.*

More Information: 

*In July 2016, Baselice and  Associates conducted a survey among 400 Atlanta residents on behalf of the American Heart Association’s ANCHOR Partnerships Program, locally known as Smoke-Free Atlanta. This work was made possible with funding from the CDC. The results do not necessarily represent the views of the CDC.