Mentor Program Now Available!

Updated:Feb 22,2013

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Interested in becoming Fit-Friendly but not sure if your company meets the criteria? Need someone to bounce ideas off of or help solve problems? Or, perhaps you'd like to bump your successful wellness program up to the next level. Request a mentor from an existing Fit Friendly Company! This is a great way to get ideas, resources, and guidance from someone who already knows what it takes to have a Fit Friendly Company. Just complete the Fit-Friendly Worksite Mentor request form. We’ll put you in contact with a mentor and you’ll be on your way to becoming Fit-Friendly!

Your mentor will be equipped with materials to help you examine your current programs and look for ways to reach the Fit-Friendly criteria. They will even have materials with them that you can copy and implement right away. Your mentor might work with you just one time or you can create an ongoing relationship to share ideas and resources.

Existing Fit-Friendly Companies
If you’re interested in helping other businesses become Fit-Friendly, consider becoming a mentor! You can check out the requirements here. Just let us know you’re interested by contacting and we will match you up with a new organization.

Fit-Friendly Company Mentor Program Sponsors:

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