Rockford Go Red For Women BetterU Application

Rockford Health SystemWe are pleased to announce that the American Heart Association, is accepting applications for individuals who would like to participate in the 2013/14 Go Red For Women® BetterU Challenge — a challenge that could save your life - presented by Rockford Health System.

Research shows that most cardiac events can be prevented if women make small, yet life-saving choices for their hearts. Go Red For Women® is the American Heart Association’s national movement to make women aware of their risk for heart disease and provide inspiration to take action to reduce that risk.

Introducing The Go Red For Women®  BetterU Challenge!  We will be selecting 4 women from the greater Rockford area who will be profiled on our web site and in the media. Finalists will follow a healthy eating and exercise plan and record their experiences through social media and other public outlets. We hope that others will follow these women through their challenge, and be inspired to begin a healthy lifestyle of their own. 

Applicants chosen to participate in the Go Red For Women®  BetterU Challenge will take part in a 12-week program.  Each participant will be given an initial and follow-up wellness screening where blood pressure,  HDL and total cholesterol, body mass index (height, weight and waist circumference) and blood pressure will be measured. These consultations will be performed by a Rockford Health Systems provider.

As part of this challenge, our final applicants will be expected to agree to attend or complete the following:

  • Two wellness screenings—at the beginning and at the end of the challenge
  • Six educational sessions with RHS clinicians, local American Heart Association and Go Red For Women representatives
  • Two online blog posts each week and frequent social networking posts (assistance will be provided if needed)
  • Commitment to participate in the program mid-November to February 19, 2014
  • Commitment to participate in the Go Red For Women®  Luncheon program and panel discussion on Wednesday, February 19, 2014
  • Participation in a photo shoot and serve as American Heart Association spokeswomen
  • Participation in local events to promote the Go Red For Women®  BetterU Challenge program and Go Red For Women®  Luncheon

We are looking for a diverse group of individuals with respect to age, lifestyle, marital status, ethnicity, and physical health. You do not have to be a model or a particular body type, it is more important to us that we have a diverse group of positive thinkers. Most importantly we are looking for people who are ready to make a positive change to their health (ex: lose weight, lower cholesterol, reduce stress, quit smoking, etc.).

If you would like to be considered for the Go Red For Women®  BetterU Challenge, please fill out the online application and upload a color photol

Or complete the hard copy BetterU Challenge application (don't forget to include a color photo; it will not be returned) and mail to:
American Heart Association, Attn: Toni Tonazzi, 2141 W. White Oak Drive, Springfield, Illinois 62704 or fax to (217) 698-4585.