Research in the SouthWest Affiliate

Number - 37.2
million dollars in research is currently funded in the six state area (Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming) of the SouthWest Affiliate (SWA).

The American Heart Association (AHA), currently lacks the additional 
Number - 11.4million to fund all the highly meritorious applications from the SWA.

The AHA currently funds Number - 234

researchers in 38 institutions in 23 cities across the SWA.

Number -435
million in research has been funded in the SWA by the AHA from 1951 through 2013.

Nearly 2300 Americans wordingdie of cardiovascular diseases each day — nearly one person every 40 seconds.  Cardiovascular diseases claim more lives each year than cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases and accidents combined.  On average, every 40 seconds someone in the United States has a stroke. 

Research is a major weapon in our fight against these diseases.

Since 1949, the American Heart Association has spent more than $3.5 billion on research to increase our knowledge about cardiovascular diseases and stroke.  We've funded 13 Nobel prize winners during their careers, helped link dietary fat with cholesterol, funded the creation of the first pacemaker, supported early research for the arterial stent, and many other milestones. We're second only to the federal government in funding cardiovascular and stroke research; however, each year we need more resources to attract and encourage promising scientists to careers in cardiovascular and stroke programs, fund high-quality research projects and originate new programs to meet the needs of the research community.

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Arkansas button

  • $925,000 in total funding
  • Ten projects in one institution
  • Since 1951, the AHA has funded over $24 million in research in AR
Oklahoma button

  • $3,993,392 in total funding
  • 27 projects in three institutions
  • Since 1951, the AHA has funded more than $35 million in research in OK 
State Button - Colorado

  • $9,020338 in total funding
  • 53 projects in six institutions
  • Since 1951, the AHA has funded more than $63 million in research in CO
Texas button

  • $25,464,220 in total funding
  • 147 projects in 25 institutions
  • Since 1951, the AHA has funded more than $372 million in research in TX 
New Mexico button
  • $1,248,000 in total funding
  • Nine projects in two institutions
  • Since 1951, the AHA has funded more than $11 million in research in NM
State Button - Wyoming

  • The AHA currently does not fund any research in WY
  • Since 1951, the AHA has funded more than $1.44 million in research in WY

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