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Welcome to Health Equity in Kansas City (Kansas / Missouri)

What Do We Do?
The American Heart Association is dedicated to Fighting the factors that keep our communities unhealthy like Heart Disease and Stroke.
Think of it as leveling the playing field. We work to eliminate distractions like food deserts (areas that lack nutritional grocery markets), food swamps (areas with too much fast food), overcrowded clinics, lack of coverage and broken infrastructures.

Picture this… Would your life or the life of someone you love be different if:

  • You could always get healthy food at a good price; walk, bike or play anywhere you wanted and feel safe;
  • not worry about being tempted by high fat/high sodium food on every corner;
  • and visit the doctor for all the preventative and maintenance care you needed in a clean safe environment
  • without the worry of not being able to afford your care or medication?
Health equity efforts include executing projects that help build awareness of the prevalence of heart disease in minority communities and raise funding for scientific research to improve cardiovascular disease and stroke outcomes in minority communities.

Looking for a way to help fight heart disease and stroke for yourself, family or community?
Volunteers are needed for the Kansas City Minority Health Council as we work together to promote our free programs/campaigns, such as Power To End Stroke, to increase the awareness of heart disease and stroke in these communities. 
Review the Health & Demographic Profile of Kansas City
Council members meet monthly and include representatives from the healthcare, corporate, advocacy community, as well as community, faith-based, and family members/survivors of heart disease and stroke.  All members will be asked to integrate our programs into the community and assess additional areas of need.

With your support and passion, the American Heart Association will continue saving lives and building stronger communities.
For more information or to sign up please contact Tru-Kechia Smith, (913) 652-1930, Health Equity Director in the Kansas City office.

Become a Power Ambassador Today!  Online sign-up      Download form
Follow the easy steps below to complete the Power Ambassador training.

  • Take the Power Ambassador Orientation
  • Join the You're the Cure Network
  • Learn more about AHA/ASA causes and initiatives (Pick 2)
    —  Women and Heart Disease
    —  My Life Check and Life's Simple 7
    —  Learn more about Power To End Stroke
    —  Get Heart Healthy
  • Take the Power To End Stroke Survey
  • Become a Spokesperson. Go through the online PTES Media Training
  • Participate in Power To End Stroke Activities
    —  Start a Power Walk Team
    —  Host a Have Faith in Heart Sunday
    —  Become a part of the Power of Life Simple 7 Network
    —  Most Powerful Voices Gospel Tour
    —  Wear Red Sundays during American Heart Month (February)
    —  Power Sundays during American Stroke Month (May)
    —  Establishing Teaching Gardens in urban schools through My Heart. My Life. (new!)
    —  Advocacy work in support of issues such as nutritional school lunches and public health funding
    —  Activating the power of social media to create health and healthcare change.

How can you make your neighborhood healthier? Try this interactive game.
Our work takes place in churches, schools, social/fraternal organizations, community groups and organizations, family reunions, barber shops, beauty salons and wherever people can benefit from our efforts to inspire and support healthier living.

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Kansas City Community Outreach

Kansas City Community Outreach

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