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Cardiovascular diseases and stroke are main causes of death. Survivors, volunteers, advocates, healthcare providers,donors - all are building healthier lives.
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We're building healthier lives where you live and work - in the community, health care, education and research.
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John Rubben Photo

2015 Humana Lifestyle Change Award Winner!

John Rubben was awarded the Humana Lifestyle Change Award at the 2015 Kansas City Heart & Stroke Walk.

In November 2011, John Robben suffered a heart attack at age 47. Two stents were placed in his heart, and he was taking many different medications.

Soon after, john changed his diet to 100% vegan, added two canine members to his family and started walking – a lot.

John has lost 70 pounds, got permission to discontinue nearly all of his medications, and he feels like he’s in his 20’s again.

He hopes his story can help someone else.

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At the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, we want you to experience more of life’s precious moments. To do that you must be healthy in heart and mind.

And until there's a world free of heart disease and stroke, we'll be there, working to make a healthier, longer life possible for everyone.

Why do we do what we do?   Life Is Why

Why do YOU choose to live a healthy lifestyle? What moments do YOU live for?

Tell us YOUR why


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