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Heart disease is the number one killer in North Dakota and nationwide annually.   This year an estimated 1.4 million people will suffer a heart attack. Approximately 400,000 of those victims will experience a STEMI. Unfortunately, approximately 30% of STEMI patients do not receive any form of treatment to restore blood flow, whether through clot-busting drugs commonly referred to as thrombolytics or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), the latter being the preferred therapy which uses mechanical means such as stents, balloon angioplasty or surgery.

Time is muscle. The outcome of STEMI events depends greatly on the care patients receive and the timeframe in which they receive it. The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology's guidelines recommend that balloon angioplasty be performed within 90 minutes - preferably less - of arrival at any hospital.

In partnership with the medical community, this collaboration has the power to transform patient care for future heart attack victims in North Dakota.  This innovative regional collaboration will work to ensure equipment compatibility, consistent training and uniform protocols for both transporting and treating heart attack patients across the region.

North Dakota has 53 counties covering 69,000 square miles; currently there are six PCI centers located in four communities (Fargo, Grand Forks, Bismarck and Minot).

SCPC Poster Presentation June 2014

"Improving Rural STEMI Care through Multi-State Sharing and Collaboration"
Authors: Jeffrey Sather, MD Trinity Health, Tomasz Stys, MD Sanford Health, Richard Mullvain, RPH, BCPS Essentia Health, Gary Myers, MS, NREMT, Mindy Cook, RN, BSN, Pam Moe, RN, CPHQ, Michelle Gardner, MBA, American Heart Association, Midwest Affiliate

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 QCOR Poster Presentation June 2014

"Statewide Collaboration in Rural STEMI System Development in Resource Limited Environments- Where You Live Shouldn't Determine If You Live: North Dakota Mission: Lifeline" 
Authors: Thomas Haldis, DO, Jeffrey Sather, MD, Karthik Reddy, MD, Robert Oatfield, MD, Yassar Almanaseer, MD, Rabeea Aboufakher, MD, Mindy Cook RN BSN, Pamela Moe, RN BA

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June 2014 ND Poster Team QCOR June 2014 ND Poster Presentation QCOR

North Dakota Mission: Lifeline  - September 2011

Mission Lifeline ND Launch

Phtoto Back row:  Jolene Englehart (ND advocacy committee), June Herman (RVP Advocacy), Kevin Harker, Janet Maxson (AHA advocacy committee), Representative Jon Nelson – legislative champion.
Front row:  Shelley Stingley (Helmsley), Joan Enderle (Communications), Governor Jack Dalrymple, Pam Miller (AHA grassroots), Carrie McLeod (ND Advocacy Chair), Bonnie Staiger (AHA lobbyist) and Bill Roach (national board chairman)

The Midwest Affiliate of the American Heart Association has secured $7.1 million in funding to implement Mission: Lifeline, a community-based initiative aimed at improving the system of care for heart attack patients, throughout North Dakota.

In an unprecedented collaborative effort, the initiative will be implemented over three years with funding from key partners that share a commitment to improving outcomes for patients across the state.

Lead funder is The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, which is providing two-thirds of the total with a grant of $4.4 million. Since 2009, The Helmsley Charitable Trust has invested more than $25 million in North Dakota in rural healthcare initiatives.

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