North Dakota Mission: Lifeline Taskforce

Updated:Feb 26,2018

North Dakota Mission: Lifeline Taskforce

Committee Structure
View a complete outline of the Taskforce Structure, committees, members, meeting dates and tasks.

North Dakota Mission: Lifeline Co-Chairs
Dr. Jeffrey Sather
Dr. Thomas Haldis

Taskforce Group includes:
  • Quality Committee
  • EMS Committee
  • Interventionalist Cardiologists
  • STEMI and Actue Stroke Conference Planning Committee 2012
  • Executive Leadership - just STEMI (AHA convened)
  • STEMI Hospital Protocol Workgroup
  • Future Groups:
    - Participating Hospitals - combined with stroke (Partner convened)
    - Stroke Systems of Care/Heart Systems of Care (DOH convened)
    - Heart Disease and Stroke Advisory Council
Taskforce Monthly Conference Call Logistics
Every 4th Tuesday from Noon to 1pm
#1-888-455-4135  Passcode 84750
  • Task Force Conference Call Notes
    8.29.14 Teleconference       

    About the Taskforce

         Time Commitment: 1 hour per month teleconference with four hour Bi-Annual Face-to-Face meeting

         Task Assignment:
  • Updates: Statewide quadrants sharing on activities and efforts toward STEMI system development
  • Form workgroups as needed for work in between, eg., STEMI Conference planning committee, protocol development workgroups
  • Guide and recommend state and regional protocols and transport plans
     Membership: Are you interested in taking part in the North Dakota Mission:Lifeline taskforce? 
                               Please contact Mindy Cook, (701) 252-5122 or (800) 437-9710.