News From Raleigh

Updated:Nov 16,2012
As you probably have read, the Legislature recessed on June 18 only to come back to Raleigh for a special session in July to deal with redistricting. Lawmakers will return again starting on September 12th for a special session that will focus primarily on constitutional amendments. It is a busy time and we keep a vigilant watch on what is happening at the State Legislature to be sure we are doing all we can to promote the AHA’s mission to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Even though the lawmakers have not completely wrapped up everything for 2011 we are looking ahead to 2012. After carefully assessing our policy issue areas the NC AHA Advocacy Coordinating Committee approved the 2012 Public Policy Agenda on August 1, 2011.

So what’s on tap for next year? You won’t be surprised to see that the focus will be on moving several pieces of legislation on which we began work in 2011. The following bills have made “crossover” – meaning they have passed from one chamber to the next and are eligible for consideration when the 2012 session convenes.
  • HB 503: Nutrition Standards/All Foods Sold in Schools
  • HB 837: CPR Instruction Completion by Students Required
  • HB 914: AEDs/State Buildings
In addition we will continue to work to protect our state’s smoke-free law and promote important systems of care issues. Please take a moment to read our entire 2012 NC Public Policy Agenda. Thank you for all you do to take action and support the issues. You are making a difference.