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Every day in Wyoming, approximately 51 people are diagnosed with heart disease. This diagnosis means they are at a greater risk of experiencing a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest. And, from the moment the first heart attack symptoms begin, the survival clock starts ticking. Every second counts in a race against time to stop the heart attack or arrest and to restore blood flow to the heart — ideally within the first hour, which can be challenging in a frontier state such as Wyoming.

A $5.9 million grant from The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust to the SouthWest Affiliate of the American Heart Association (AHA) will help Wyomians beat the clock . The three-year initiative, managed by Wyoming-based AHA staff, will be a collaborative effort involving hospitals, emergency medical services (EMS) providers and first responders. Mission: Lifeline Wyoming will coordinate and streamline protocols to reduce the amount of time it takes for heart attack patients to receive lifesaving treatment by ensuring equipment compatibility, consistent training and uniform protocols for both transporting and treating heart attack patients across the state.

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