Milwaukee Fit-Friendly Symposium

Updated:Mar 3,2014

My Heart My LifeThe Milwaukee Fit-Friendly Symposium was held February 25, 2014 at Manpower Group Headquarters.  The symposium was about creating a culture of health in the workplace.

Presentations from the symposium:

Welcome & Opening Remarks: Fit-Friendly Program  PDF
Speaker: David Carpenter, President, Chr. Hansen, 2014 Milwaukee Heart Walk Chair

Keynote: Creating a Culture of Health  PDF
Speaker: Dr. Steven Aldana, CEO of Wellsteps, Author of Culture Clash

Session 1: Inspiring Employee Engagement   PDF
Speaker: Amy Friese, Sports Nutrition Coach, Fearless Nutrition

Session 2: Advancing Proper Nutrition in the Workplace
"Choose To Eat Healthy: Changing Culture at Froedtert and The Medical College of Wisconsin"   PDF
Kathy Menard-Rothe, MS, Froedtert and The Medical College of Wisconsin Wellness Manager
Patti Cobb, Chief Clinical Dietitian, Froedtert Hospital

"Nutrition Initiatives"   PDF
Helwig Carbon Products, Inc.

Session 3: Using On-Site Clinics to Jumpstart Your Wellness Plan
"Using On-Site Clinics to Jumpstart Your Wellness Plan"  PDF
Speaker: Sara Hames, Vice President, Hays Companies of Wisconsin 

Session 4: Wellness Operational Planning For Long-Term Impact
"Wellness Operational Planning for Long Term Impact"   PDF
Speaker: Gail Bennett, Director, Well City Milwaukee
"Wellness Operational Planning"   PDF
"Operational Plan Template 1"   DOC
"Operational Plan Template 2"   DOC
"Operational Plan Template 3"   DOC

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Congratulations to the 2013 Awardees
: 2013 Wisconsin Fit-Friendly Worksite Awardees

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