Mended Hearts/Support Groups

Updated:Feb 19,2014

Mended Hearts, a national nonprofit organization affiliated with the American Heart Association, brings together heart disease patients, their families, caregivers, and medical professionals at a national and local level.

For more than 50 years, Mended Hearts has encouraged people through support groups and outreach programs that there is hope for a rich and fulfilling life after heart disease.  Members listen, share their stories, learn from medical professionals, and volunteer to speak with other heart patients about what challenges may lay ahead including lifestyle changes, depression, recovery and treatment.

Mended Hearts chapters partner with more than 460 hospitals and cardiac care facilities to provide patient-to-patient support services.  Annually, Mended Hearts' trained and accredited volunteers make about 227,000 hospital visits to patients and 30,000 visits to family members and caregivers.

Recognizing that heart disease touches people of all ages, the Mended Little Hearts was born.  This program provides support and encouragement to parents of children born with congenital heart defects or other cardiovascular diseases, helping them heal and not feel alone.

To find a Mended Hearts chapter near you and join us, please visit our Web site.