Meet Ty in LeRoy Illinois

Updated:Jul 13,2015


It's hard to believe it has been over 3 years since Ty collapsed on the football field running for a touchdown,face turning blue and no pulse to immediately be found. The fact that he survived is a miracle. Ty Egan

At the hospital that day, we discovered he has Long QT Syndrome (partly due to persistent/demanding parents who wouldn't let them send him home with a dehydration diagnosis). LQTS is an inherited heart disease that can cause fast, chaotic heartbeats which can cause a person to faint, go into cardiac arrest, or die. 
Thanks to the best doctors around who specialize in his condition, Ty has been "event free" since his single episode. His daily beta blocker medicine does an excellent job keeping his heart at a healthy pace, along with his implanted pacemaker/defibrillator. He is able to be active in most of the sports he loves, and looks like every other happy, healthy 6th grade boy.  
Ty shouldn't need additional surgeries until the batteries need replaced in his ICD in a few years. It has been an emotional journey to say the least. We know we are blessed to have Ty with us still, and can't imagine life without him or his siblings (who thankfully tested negative for Long QT). We have faith in God and Ty's doctors & nurses, which helps keep our minds at ease.

There is no cure for LQTS unfortunately, but we are hopeful one will be discovered in the near future. Programs such as Jump Rope for Heart raise money for heart awareness and research. We are grateful for them and for all of the generous donations. Thank you for your support through the years!