Meet Ty in LeRoy Illinois

Updated:Apr 25,2013

Meet Ty in Leroy IllinoisMy name is Ty and I am 10 years old. I’d like to tell you a story about me that I call ‘The Rookie.”

One day, I was playing football. My first run that game, I was running the football. I was at the 10 yard line and nobody was near me. And then I just fell.

My coach had to get an ambulance. I went to St. Joe’s Hospital. They put an IV in and I slept for a while. Then they took me in another ambulance to another hospital in Peoria. I got to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and watch T.V. there. You could even go on the computer! But it wasn’t all fun. I needed a lot of tests on my chest done. They found out that I have Long QT Syndrome, which means that my heart doesn’t beat at the correct rate.

The next Tuesday, I had to get my chest cut open and they put a pacemaker in to regulate my heartbeat. I needed more tests done and felt very sick. We had to stay for five days. I had to go through a lot.

But I’m way better now! I can play other sports that I love. I take medication, which is awesome because it helps my heart feel great. My defibrillator helps to protect my heart and I’m glad it does. I see one of the best doctors at Mayo, which helps my heart too.

I want other people like me to be able to do what they want, like play sports and have fun. That’s why I raise money through Jump Rope for Heart at my school.