Meet Nicholas in Champaign

Updated:Sep 20,2012

Nicholas B WKH I’m Nicholas. I am 9 and in the 3rd Grade. My favorite things are dinosaurs, dragons, elephants, video games, swimming, taking care of my pets (a rabbit, toad, aquatic frog, and guinea pig), and playing with my friends.

I have gotten to visit some schools and tell other kids my story. They ask a lot of questions! But, it is important to show them that a kid can have heart problems, too. And, that kids can help solve them by doing Jump Rope For Heart.

Now I can be back in school with my friends, just being a kid – it’s great!

I know my heart is special, and that is why it is so important to continue to support the Heart Association. I will have a better chance of living a healthy and normal life with the continuing research and technology that the American Heart Association provides for me and all heart kids. They are my heart heroes!