Meet Mackenzie in Mahomet IL

Updated:Oct 15,2012

Mackenzie B KWH ILMy name is Mackenzie and I was born January 24th 2003.
I am a 3rd grade student at Lincoln Trail Elementary School.

I was born with a Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) called Shone’s Complex.

I’ve had 7 open heart surgeries since birth. 

I love to play soccer, swim and do ballet! I enjoy socializing and playing with friends. I love to spend most of my time with my Dad – Brandon and my Mom – Melissa and my sisters Bridgett and Madison!

I would describe myself as happy, lovable, friendly, caring, smart, and full of life. My passion in life to raise awareness for CHD!  My reason for being is to touch people’s lives and to make a difference in the world!

I have raised money the last three years for Jump Rope For Heart, and I’ve also gotten the chance to share my story of living with CHD to two schools in my community.

If it wasn’t for organizations like the American Heart Association, I wouldn’t be alive today. I rely on research and new technology to help replace and fix my heart valves, and it also helps reduce or even eliminates the number of open heart surgeries I will have in my future.

I feel my possibilities in life are endless! I get to enjoy my family and friends and be like any other 9 year old girl! My friends that live with CHD get the chance to live a happy and full life!