Meet Kacey in Bloomingdale

Updated:Sep 26,2012

Kacey Koster KWH BloomingdaleAnyone looking at Kacey K. would never suspect the trouble stirring inside the lively 9 year-old. She plays with her friends and participates as much as possible in P.E. class at Winnebago Elementary School.

Kacey will need a heart transplant to repair a progressive congenital heart defect she's had since birth. Because she was born with her right ventricle missing, Kacey  has already endured three heart surgeries to correct the problem. Kacey suffers from left ventricular dilation, mitral valve insufficiency, coronary artery abnormality, and pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum.

In addition to her heart condition, Kacey was also recently diagnosed with celiac disease, which disrupts the absorption of nutrients into the small intestine, as well as a growth defect that cannot be treated with hormones due to her heart defect. Kacey is currently being treated at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago for all her conditions and where she will eventually receive a heart transplant.

Kacey was the Heart Ambassador for Bloomingdale, Il Winnebago School’s Jump Rope for Heart event in 2010.  She brings much needed attention to the problem of congenital heart disease in children.  The school rallied behind Kacey and in her honor, raised close to $5,000 for research and education!  They are hoping to raise even more this year!

When you meet Kacey, you cannot help but fall in love with her- she has a smile that is even bigger than her tiny little frame.  Kacey Koster is truly my “Heart Hero” and that of her local community as well!