Meet Jeremy in St. Louis

Updated:Sep 26,2012

Jeremy Courtois KWH Survivor MOMy name is Jeremy Courtois and I will be 9 years old this November. I am a son, big brother, grandson, nephew and cousin. I was born with a rare heart defect and have gone through 4 open heart surgeries. I love my family, swimming, Wii, bowling and playing with my friends.

Last school year when Jump Rope for Heart  came, my family made it their goal to try to raise the most money in the school. I am the only child with heart disease at Forder so the cause really hit home. My family and friends and even strangers gave and gave. I got to throw a pie in my principals face because I raised the most money!  It was fun.

I also walked for the first time in the St. Louis Heart Walk this year, and I am so proud to say Team J raised over $6,000!  As a survivor I am happy to do all I can to help others suffering from heart problems.

So many things are possible because of the American Heart Association. The donations given to the AHA go to research heart disease so doctors can continue to learn about preventing and curing heart disease.  My heart condition is rare and it will never go away. We don’t know how many more surgeries I may need so the AHA is really helping to save my life.

The possibilities in my life and others are to be as healthy as we can be. Learning about how to help keep your heart healthy is such a big deal. I had no choice being born with a heart defect but I can choose to spread awareness to help others from developing heart disease.