Meet Greyson in St. John

Updated:Sep 20,2012

Greyson KWH IN Greyson F., 9, I love to make new friends and enjoy playing any sport there is - football, soccer, basketball, baseball and swimming.  I am very active!.

Everyone says I have a smile that lights up their day. I am just happy to be alive.

Due to the fantastic research of the American Heart Assocation, the Norwood Procedure was discovered and I am here with my family today.

What is now possible, thanks to the AHA?
That there is a tomorrow for me. I am able to grow into a vibrant little boy.

 Greyson KWH IN infantWhat are the possibilities in your life now, and for others?
Just a short 20 years ago, someone born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome like I was would have survived through a possible heart transplant and have to live a life on medications for their body to accept the heart. Thanks to the AHA and The Norwood procedure, kids like me don’t have to go through that anymore