Meet Cassidy in Indianapolis

Updated:Sep 27,2012

Cassidy KWH INMy name is Cassidy, and I turned 9 on October 8. I’m from Indianapolis and am in 3rd grade.

I love school! My favorite thing to do in school is write stories. I’m also in Brownie Troop 2536, and we do a lot of neat things like camping and crafts. My favorite sport is gymnastics. My favorite foods are chicken caesar salad and my dad’s enchiladas!

I have a younger brother and younger sister, a cat and fish. I love animals, especially my grandma’s dog Butterscotch. I have a big family! They live here in Indy and also Arizona, California, Nevada, and New York! I have family in Indiana too, in Mishawaka. We drive up there a lot to visit my aunt and grandparents.

I love my friends and love to play with them. We ride our bikes around the block, play the Wii and on the computer, and do fashion shows. We love to paint our nails too. I love to be with my friends, and I think they love to be with me too.

I don’t remember being sick when I was a baby, but I look at the pictures my parents took to see how I was. I had lots of tubes coming out of me! I really don’t think about my heart being different, but I know it’s special. I have a scar down my chest that is white, so I hardly notice it. I go to my cardiologist once a year for tests, and he always says I’m doing great! I know I am lucky that my heart was fixed!

Thanks to the AHA lots of kids with hearts like mine can get theirs fixed too. They raise money to find better ways to help kids with heart defects, and that is really important.

My mom and dad always tell me that I can be whatever I want when I grow up. Right now I want to be either a teacher or a horse trainer. I know that my heart is fixed and that it won’t keep me from doing anything!