Meet Amber in Omro Wisconsin

Updated:Sep 26,2012

Amber Jahr WI KWHOn December 23, 2011, Amber got up and went about her routine as she would on any school day to suddenly have her life change very unexpectedly.  Amber was running in her 2nd hour  gym class and suddenly fell to the ground and stopped breathing. 

Not having any health issues in the past nobody knew what was wrong.  Mr. Horvath, the gym teacher, knew something was seriously wrong and sent for help.  Wendy Roesler, the school nurse, arrived and CPR was started, but was not working.  During this time 911 had also been called and Don Schrauth, the school janitor and Omro first responder, arrived and knew the AED, which was outside the gym, needed to be used.  A number of other first responders had arrived to the school gym during this time and were able to assist in saving Amber’s life with use of the AED. 

Amber was then taken by ambulance to Aurora in Oshkosh and then flown to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee where she spent nine days in the ICU and was diagnosed with myocarditis through an MRI scan.  After being diagnosed, the decision was made to have a defibrillator surgically implanted as there are no guarantees of this not happening again. 

It has now been ten months since surgery and Amber is back in sports and gym and doing the things she enjoys doing every day as a healthy 12-year-old 7th grader. 

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