Kansas Health Foundation Statewide Partnership

Updated:May 30,2013

Overland Park, Kan.(Thursday, May 30) – The American Heart Association is one of five organizations selected to participate in the Kansas Health Foundation’s Statewide Partnership for a Healthier Kansas initiative.

The organization will be working with local community organizations, media, business leaders and government decision makers to help create a healthier food and beverage environment for Kansas.

“The American Heart Association is looking forward to working with the Kansas Health Foundation on this life-changing initiative. In working with the Kansas Health Foundation and the four other organizations, we hope to make Kansas healthier by making the healthy choice the easy choice,” said Kevin Walker, regional vice president of advocacy, American Heart Association.

Through a $434,730.22 three-year grant, the American Heart Association plans to create a statewide policy coalition to focus on healthy foods and beverages in order to help the Kansas Health Foundation achieve its goal of creating healthy food and beverage environments in Kansas that are the routine, easy choices.

“The American Heart Association is a national leader on childhood obesity prevention efforts,” said Jeffrey Willett, Kansas Health Foundation Vice President for Programs. “Their expertise and experience with this issue will make them a strong resource in connecting and supporting many of the healthy food and beverage activities occurring in communities throughout Kansas.”

The Statewide Partnerships for a Healthier Kansas initiative and all five organizations selected (The American Heart Association, Kansas Action for Children, Kansas Hospital Education and Research Foundation/Kansas Hospital Association, Kansas Rural Center and KC Healthy Kids) are working towards increasing consumption of healthy foods, increasing consumption of water, reducing overconsumption of sugary drinks and supporting health-promoting food and beverage retailing and distribution policies.

“We all make a number of choices every day regarding what we eat and drink, and we believe these organizations, with this funding, can work effectively to increase the availability of healthy options,” said Steve Coen, president and CEO of the Kansas Health Foundation.

For More Information, Contact:
Ciara O’Brien Murray
Communications Director- American Heart Association
O: (913) 652-1966; M: (563) 599-9557