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Cardiovascular diseases and stroke are major causes of death. Survivors, volunteers, advocates, healthcare providers,donors - all are building healthier lives in Indiana.
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We're building healthier lives where you live and work - in the community, health care, education and research.

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Touch hearts - save lives. Here’s the chance to make a real difference!

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In Indiana during the past five years (2011-2015) the American Heart Association has funded more than $7.7 million in new research:
  • 47 new studies at Indiana University, Indianapolis at a cost of $5,338,180
  • 13 new studies at Purdue University, West Lafayette at a cost of $1,767,000
  • 8 new studies at the University of Notre Dame, South Bend at a cost of $631,517

Nationwide, we invest almost $145 million a year ($3.7 billion since 1949) in heart and stroke research that has led to recent breakthroughs such as clot-busting drugs and drug-eluting stents. Healthcare providers learn about medical advances and new treatment guidelines though our journals, conferences and online courses.

In our 11-state Midwest Affiliate we currently are supporting 402 multi-year studies at a cost of $70,327,574

Find out more about heart and stroke research in the Midwest.

Juliann Kelly
Communications Director, Northern Indiana
(414) 227-1458