Illinois EMS Alliance

Updated:Jul 20,2016

The Illinois EMS Alliance is a fast-growing coalition of EMS providers and stakeholders from across the state that support increased resources and smart reforms for EMS. 

Formed in response to the Illinois House EMS Task Force Report, the Alliance will work to support action on recommendations made in the report and will help legislators chart a sustainable path forward for EMS in Illinois. 

After holding hearings throughout Illinois in 2011 seeking information on the state of EMS, the bipartisan 24-member House EMS Task Force released its final report and recommendations on November 20, 2012, urging the legislature to:

  • Create a dedicated annual funding stream of $40 million from gambling expansion revenues or other sources to prevent EMS in Illinois from further atrophy.
  • Officially designate EMS as an “essential service” similar to existing designations for Police and Fire services.
  • Pursue regulatory reforms that would make it easier for EMS agencies to provide optimal care in the current resource-scarce environment

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Grassroots Opportunities
Take action!  Ask Illinois lawmakers to make EMS an essential service and support the recommendations from the House EMS Task Force by following this link to You're The Cure and send an email message to your lawmakers.

Keep up-to-date on advocacy issues relating to EMS by joining our Illinois You’re the Cure network of grassroots advocates and like our Facebook page at

For questions or additional information regarding the Illinois EMS Alliance, please contact Anne Simaytis.