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Cardiovascular disease is the nation’s number one killer.  Nearly 29 percent of Galveston and Bay Area deaths each year are attributed to cardiovascular disease. Since 1924, we have been working to keep you, your loved ones and your community safe from heart disease and stroke. Find out more about our efforts through education, support, research and advocacy

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We're building healthier lives where you live and work and making your community healthier by advocating for key health issues. We train millions of Americans each year in CPR and first aid, and educate healthcare providers every day.  Find out more through our online tools, including Go Red For Women, Power to End Stroke, the Start! Program, our Youth Programs, and the Heart Hub, our online patient portal for information, tools and resources.

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Each year we host multiple events in your area to bring awareness and education about our key issues and to raise support for invaluable heart disease and stroke research.  Join in the fight against heart disease and stroke by attending one of our events or volunteering, including joining You're the Cure to lend your voice to our advocacy efforts, distributing materials at a health fair, finding a CPR Class, or contributing to our online communities .  Here’s the chance to make a real difference!



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