Founders Health Fair Toolkit

Updated:Jun 24,2015

Are you having a health fair? Due to limited resources, we are unable to send a staff representative to all events and cannot provide printed materials. We value your interest in and support of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association, so we have made the following standard materials available for download and distribution at your event.
  • Answers by Heart –  A series of downloadable patient information sheets, presented in a question-and-answer format that's brief, easy to follow and easy to read. Topics include; smoking, cholesterol, high blood pressure, diet and nutrition, physical activity and weight management, caregivers and more. Also available in multiple languages
  • Bookmarks (PDF) – download and print this sheet on cardstock then cut to create four different bookmarks for all ages
  • Caregiver Journal Pages - These pages offer tips and inspiration to make your job easier, and space to express your personal thoughts and needs. Journaling is a valuable way for you to relieve stress, organize your thoughts and spend time by yourself
  • Fact Sheets & Statistics by Population- download and print heart disease facts and statistics by specific populations
  • Founders Research News (PDF) – find out how your dollars help fund life-saving research
  • Health Assessments & Quizzes- set up a laptop and encourage Health Fair attendees to take one of our interactive quizzes to assess their own health
  • Heart & Stroke Infographics - download one of these visual representations of information created to present complex data quickly and clearly
  • Learn Your Numbers wallet card (PDF) – download and print this wallet card on cardstock to create a quick reference guide for your event attendees
  • Life's Simple 7 Bookmarks (PDF) – download and print these bookmarks on cardstock, then cut to create a handy guide to Life's Simple 7
  • Life's Simple 7 One Sheet (PDF) – this quick reference sheet provides an overview of Life's Simple 7, along with other tools offered by the AHA
CPR Resources:
Diet & Nutrition:
High Blood Pressure/ Hypertension:

Kids & Youth Materials:

  • My Healthy Family Tree (PDF)– activity for all ages to track medical history of your family.
  • Healthy Challenge Scavenger Hunt (PDF)– this quick activity helps show people that they can get active in their own house.
  • Nutrition Flash Cards (PDF) – practice learning nutrition words while on the way to school, after dinner or anytime!
  • What Am I Really Drinking (PDF) – we all have our favorite drinks when we get thirsty. But did you know that just like eating healthy, we need to drink healthy drinks? 
Spanish-language Resources:
  • Answers by Heart – This series of downloadable patient information sheets are presented in a question-and-answer format that's brief, easy to follow and easy to read. 
  • My Healthy Family Tree (PDF) – activity for all ages to track medical history of your family.
  • Go Red Por Tu Corazon – resources and information about women's heart health.
Stress Management Tools:  Stroke:
  • Educational Materials - Download resources and materials to help you educate patients and the community on stroke
  • Let's Talk About Stroke - A series of downloadable patient information sheets that presents information in a question-and-answer format that's brief, easy to follow and easy to read. Also provides room for you to write down questions to ask your doctor
Ordering Materials in Large Quantities
If your organization needs a large quantity of resources, additional materials can be purchased from our patient education vendor, Krames. You may contact Krames at 800-333-3032 or visit their web site, where you can browse AHA’s patient education resources including brochures, recipe guides, bookmarks, magnets, posters, notepads and pamphlets on many heart-health topics. Krames also has the ability to create business or site-specific materials by branding the AHA materials with your organization’s logo.  For more questions regarding this program, contact Brian Gray, Associations Sales and Services Director, 267.685.2510 or

Health Related Prizes or Gifts
Additional AHA-branded items such as cookbooks, T-shirts, greeting cards, water bottles and pedometers can be purchased at Proceeds benefit the American Heart Association.