Corporate CPR Training

Updated:Jul 1,2015

The American Heart Association has partnered with Westchester Medical Center to teach Hands-Only CPR. This campaign will be visible at AHA activities and large community events. We are also reaching out to local corporations/businesses to see if they would like take advantage of this free resource and provide life-saving information to their employees.

Hands-Only CPR is a form of CPR that focuses on chest compressions and is performed without utilizing mouth-to-mouth breaths. The AHA developed this simple technique to raise awareness about the importance of CPR and reduce fear or confusion about what the necessary steps are.

We can adapt our demonstration to your company’s environment so that we can engage the greatest number of employees. Many companies choose a presentation approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to accommodate a large group, which can be repeated if necessary. This approach provides an in-depth understanding of cardiac arrest, how CPR benefits the patient, and what to expect when EMS arrives or the patient arrives at the hospital.

Other companies feel that an exhibit type of interaction is better so that employees can stop by when they have availability throughout the day. This approach also provides participants with life-saving information and allows them to be on their way within about 5 minutes. While the presentation format provides much more detail, each type of interaction offers participants the opportunity to practice what they learn on one of our CPR training manikins.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact  the American Heart Association at 914-640-3263.