Meet Anchorage Go Red For Women Ambassadors

2017 Anchorage Go Red For Women Ambassadors 

Meet our 2017 Go Red For Women Ambassadors – women dedicated to helping raise awareness about heart disease and stroke in our community.

Maria Downey Maria Downey Not wanting to interrupt a home visit from her daughter, Maria Downey didn’t see a doctor immediately despite worsening pressure on her chest. Once the pain was so severe that it made it hard for her to breather, her SUPER family took her to the emergency room where doctors found a severely clogged artery. “When you have a scare like that it really puts things into perspective,” says Maria. “Paying attention to the warning signs can truly save a life.”
 Aubrey VirginAubrey Virgin Because her Kawasaki disease was caught early at the age of two, she was able to receive life-saving treatment that was developed through American Heart Association research funding. Aubrey and her SUPER family have worked hard to raise awareness about this little known disease and stress the fact that heart disease can affect any one, at any age. (Aubrey photographed with her mother Shannon)
 WilllowWillow Stennett Born with two holes in her heart Willow spent the first four and a half months of her life reliant on a feeding tube to build strength to endure her needed surgery. On June 30th, she underwent successful open heart surgery, and today Willow is a SUPER happy, healthy and growing young girl – a testament to the importance of research. (Willow photographed with her mother Laura)
 JamieeJaimee Higgins Born with a hole in her heart, Jaimee was flown to Washington to take advantage of pioneering open heart surgery. Expert doctors patched her heart with a gauze-like material which allowed her heart’s own muscle tissue to fill in. Today, Jaimee and her SUPER mom volunteer at the Go Red For Women Luncheon and as “Heart Hero” guest speakers.
Anneslia Turner After several incidents of fatigue and chest pain, doctors identified a 95 percent blockage in one coronary artery and two 50 percent blockages in other arteries. As a SUPER American Heart Association volunteer, Anneslia‘s message to others is to be aware of warning signs and take immediate action.

Go Red For Women Ambassadors are proudly presented by Providence Alaska Medical Center
Photography by survivor Jim Jensen
Creative Direction by Yuit Communications
Hair and Makeup by Hannah’s Hair Expressions and Karen Waldron