Advocacy in Minnesota

Updated:Oct 2,2017

Our advocacy volunteers and staff work with lawmakers year-round to change public policies that affect the cardiovascular health of Minnesota residents. 

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 Rachel Callanan
 Regional Vice President of
 Advocacy for MN and WI
 (952) 278-7915 
 Justin Bell
 Government Relaltions Director
 (952) 278- 7921 
 Anne Simaytis
 Senior Regional Grassroots Advocacy Director
 (414) 227-1410 
Jess Nolan
Advocacy Project Coordinator
(952) 278-7928

American Heart Association
Regional Office
4701 W. 77th Street
Minneapolis, MN  55435
Fax: (952) 835-5828

2017/2018 legislative priorities

View our 2017-2018 legislative priorities (PDF) to help build healthier lives in Minnesota free from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

The Pulse - Minnesota State Blog
Legislative action can happen fast and things are always changing in D.C. and St. Paul. Check out our new blog to find out everything happening across the state. 

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