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Updated:Oct 17,2012
Our advocacy volunteers and staff work with lawmakers year-round to change public policies that affect the cardiovascular health of Indiana residents. 

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Advocates Fight for Smokefree Air,  Jan. 31, 2011

Hundreds of people from across the state held a rally at the state Capitol to urge lawmakers to support a statewide smoking ban. Advocates for a smoke ban met with legislators before it went to the house.   Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air’s Day at the Statehouse sent a clear message to lawmakers: it is time for Indiana to join nearly two dozen other states and the District of Columbia in enacting a statewide law that protects all Hoosier workers from the effects of secondhand smoke.

“The facts are clear. Smokefree air is good for your heart,” said Danielle Patterson, chair of Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air. “A September 2009 report published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association found that one year after passing smokefree laws, communities in North America and Europe had 17 percent fewer heart attacks compared to communities without smoking restrictions, and in those communities, the number of heart attacks kept decreasing with time,” said Patterson.

The House ended up passing HB 1018, smoking ban in public places, bill 63-31 on third reading. It now moves to the senate for consideration.

Indiana Smokefree Rally Jan 11               IN Smokefree Rally Jan 11 2

Indiana's 2010 - 2011 Legislative Agenda

Acute Cardiovascular Care
A strong emergency response system is critical in saving the lives of victims of heart attack, cardiac arrest and stroke.
Development of Coordinated Stroke Systems of Care

  • Promote the development of a statewide stroke protocols for emergency medical services
  • Support legislation that will require bi-annually training for emergency medical services for cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Funding for Heart Disease and Stroke Research & Prevention
Public funding for research and prevention efforts is essential to achieve our health impact goal of reducing heart disease, stroke and risk by 25% by 2010.
Promote Public Funding for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Programs

  • Create opportunities to educate legislators on the number one cause of disability and death; and the number one disease cost driver for the state.
  • Partner with the American College of Cardiology to promote heart healthy days at the Indiana Statehouse.
  • Educate lawmakers on the Life Simple 7 campaign

Tobacco Control
Reduce tobacco use, particularly among children, and reduce exposure to secondhand smoke.

  • Tobacco Prevention Program
    -   Monitor the legislative process for any attempts to strengthen or weaken the Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Agency.
    -   Monitor the legislative process and rule making process for any attempts to provide additional oversight of tobacco prevention, control, and cessation funding.
  • Smokefree Workplace Laws/Ordinances
    -   Support the passage of a comprehensive statewide smoke-free air law protecting all workers from the dangers of secondhand smoke.
    -   Monitor the Health Finance Commission for policy recommendations regarding a statewide smokefree air law.
    -   Actively support and engage AHA resources in local smokefree ordinance activity

Obesity Prevention
Quality physical activity and strong nutrition policies, programs and further research is necessary to effectively treat and prevent obesity.

  • Support Physical Activity and Healthy Eating in the Community Environment
    -   Defeat the proposed plan to implement PE waivers in Indiana schools.

Quality and Availability of Care
All U.S. residents should have access to and coverage for appropriate and affordable quality care. This includes efforts to eliminate healthcare disparities, including racial and ethnic disparities.

  • Monitor the legislative process as Indiana implements the Affordable Care Act.

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