ANCHORMemphis_1Situated on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, Memphis, Tennessee serves as a commercial and social center for western Tennessee, northern Mississippi, and eastern Arkansas. Considered by many as the true capital of the Mississippi River Delta, the city has a rich history of being an economic driving force. Memphis is known as “The Bluff City,” "Home of the Blues,” and the “Birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll”; the city also counts its barbecue cooking among its contributions to the national culture. However, over the decades, Memphis has struggled with disinvestment, specifically with grocery stores. This has left behind fewer accessible stores with healthy options to serve the community.

Memphis is now one of the poorest cities in Shelby Country, with an overall poverty rate of approximately 27 percent; in some areas within the city that number is even higher. Memphis is also one of the most obese cities in the nation, with an obesity rate of over 30 percent. Poverty and obesity can lead to increased health risks, including issues that are increasingly evident throughout the Memphis community. Many of our residents have been diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases, with heart disease and stroke currently the number one and five leading causes of death and disability in Tennessee. There are strong links between poverty, obesity, limited healthy food access, and poor health outcomes. However, this cycle of poverty, poor health and healthy food inequality can be broken with local community efforts.

#ANCHORMemphis is one of these community efforts.

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