12-13 WSA Wills and Trusts Donors

Wills & Trusts

We gratefully acknowledge the special individuals who have made arrangements for a deferred gift to the
American Heart Association and American Stroke Association during their lifetime.

A bequest to the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association supports research, local community outreach, advocacy, public health initiatives and much more. Learn more:ResearchStrokeNewsLocal Updates

Below is the listing of the 2012-2013* donors. 

Please visit: www.heart.org/WSAwillstrusts for the most current listing.

$1,000,000+$500,000 - $999,999

Trust of Donald A. Carlson
Trust of Robert Rolla Martin
Trust of William C. Garvey

Loren and Esther Haugen Trust

Trust of Pauline A. Yanchura
In Memory of Frank Pellizzon

Trust of Dorothy A. Ramuz

Trust of Dorothy A. Vaughan

$250,000 - $499,999 $100,000 - $249,999

Trust of Lynne Evelyn Movitz
Trust of Lina V. Beck

Trust of Henry & Helen Mahr
Trust of Sophia Barron
Trust of Annie G. Morris

Trust of Virginia C. Johnston


Trust of John R. & Alma B. Bender
Trust of Gladys Daily Coffman

Trust of John A. Donovan
Trust of Francis D. Fetty
Trust of Jean P. Gillan
Trust of Basil Gordon

Trust of Floyd & Alice Gray

Trust of Victor & Mary Hansen

Trust of Alda Hartfiel

Trust of Clyde & Barbara Head
Trust of Ethel F. Heaven
Estate of Gerda Kircher

Estate of Ronnie E. Krejce

Trust of Alex O. Madsen

Trust of Henry Otto Mahn
Trust of Rose Margulies
Kenneth & Emogene Oberholtzer Memorial Fund
Trust of Lena Pontier

Estate of Lawrence B. Schraeger

Trust of Marco & Marie Senaldi

Trust of Sandra Vrono

Estate of Daniel H. Welkes

$50,000 - $99,999$25,000 - $49,999

Trust of Martha Bernard
Trust of John & Dorothy Bray
Trust of Ruth Virginia Brown

Estate of Marjorie V. Burditt

Trust of Robert & Alma Burke

Trust of Lorraine M. Colbert
Trust of Philip M. Eisenberg 

Trust of Mary Ellen Fullington
Estate of Raymond A. Hall

Trust of Anita D. Hill
Trust of Nancy Jouett

Trust of Kurt Kreuger

Trust of Oscar & Betty Markowitz

Trust of Arthur & Nancy McCreary
Estate of Felix A. Nordyke
Trust of Marjorie Lois Nunes

In Memory of Robert O. Price

Trust of Calvin & Bernice Stiers

Estate of Henrietta Timmerman
In Memory of Wilma E. Tyrone

Trust of Buckley & Thelma Walsh
Trust of Ann Walsh-Dugan

In Memory of Harold N. Walters and Mary Gould Robbins

Trust of Viola Crawford & Rosella Allison

Trust of Arthur M. Axelrad
Trust of Rochelle E. Bain
Trust of Estella Bale
Trust of Ernest & Irene Brunner

Trust of Edith Colling

Trust of Sylvia Dellar
Trust of Anne J. DiFiore
Trust of Virginia Dix

Trust of Dell & Ann Eastman
Trust of Gloria Exline

Trust of Lloyd Garrow

Estate of Merrill H. Gerstel

Trust of Stephen & Jacklyn Gettleman

Estate of Ruth M. Glenn
Estate of Mary Hitchings

Estate of Nurine C. Hoke

Trust of Dorothy M. Holeton

Estate of Ann F. Johnson

Trust of Inez J. Lewis

Trust of Donald & Bette McArthur
Trust of J. Ralph & Dorothy Mecham
Trust of Paul Melcher
Estate of Veronica Moskewicus
Trust of Joseph & Anne Mundbrot

Trust of J. Lester & Jane Newton

Trust of William & Cleta Query

Trust of Elaine Saal

Trust of Faith Ann Searle
Trust of Zelda I. Stevenson
Estate of Jerome A. Tobias

Trust of Peter & Dolores Umland
Estate of Marjorie L. Walters
Trust of Herman & Erna Wertheim
Clegg Family Trust

$10,000 - $24,999$5,000 - $9,999

Trust of Jay A. Adams

Trust of Morell G. Barnes, Jr.

In Memory of Eric R. Bennett
Estate of Jack Boghosian
Trust of Kenneth Bronstad
Estate of Sarah Brooks

Trust of Opal Buhl
Trust of John Cerny
Trust of Arlene J. Cumberland

Trust of Ned P. Darling

Trust of John Wayne Denker

Trust of Jane Dixon

Trust of Arthur & Norma Dunlop
Trust of Barbara Erickson

In Memory of Jack & Virginia Foley

In Memory of William Fried
Trust of Robert & Mary Louise Gamero

In Memory of Dorothy F. Glaviano

Estate of Zane Goldmanis

Trust of Carl & Hedy Gumpert

Trust of Audrey Marie Henderson

Estate of Paulette Hunt

Trust of Otto & Emma Immenroth
Trust of Isabel F. Kaufmann

Trust of Elsie Lawson

In Memory of Bianca Malagoli
Trust of Alice S. McKenzie
Trust of Geraldine McKnight
Estate of Janet Patricia Nazar

Trust of Craney Ogata
Trust of Alexandra Greene Ogren
Trust of Shirlee Roberts
Trust of Barney & Sally Rosenblatt

Trust of Ruth F. Rowell

Estate of Elinore W. Schuck
Estate of Gregory S. Tredway
Estate of Steven D. Westervelt

Trust of Ralph Whitsett, Jr.

Trust of Helen Hawk Windes
Estate of Kermit H. Woods
Trust of Robert A. Zeisz

Trust of George & Marlene Zell


Estate of Gilbert D. Ayron

Estate of Donald W. Berglund
Trust of Dorothy Booth
Trust of Ruth Celle
Estate of Arthur S. Church

Trust of Willis & Antha Cox

Trust of Eva Louise Dorff

Trust of Helen Verzani Ellis

Trust of Ronald & Julie Faulk

Trust of Paul & Evelyn Fetzner

Estate of Nelle K. Gault

Trust of Yvonne E. Hoover

Estate of Clara C. Jay

Trust of Herbert Paul Lafair
Trust of Robert & Laura Lench
Trust of Edwin Levine

Trust of Jem & Marguerite Louie

Trust of Ronald B. Low
Trust of Serene C. Low

Estate of Lee Mautner

Trust of Thelma Ramirez
Trust of George E. Reading

Trust of Alvin & Frances Reingold

Estate of Mildred A. Spampinato

Trust of Hilde B. Stewart
Trust of Henry A. Sutro
Trust of Margaret Tripolitis

*Gifts received from July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013