2015 Progress Report

Voices for Healthy Kids

Over the last two years, Voices for Healthy Kids, a joint initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the American Heart Association, has directly supported more than 50 coalitions, in 20 cities and states, working to help all young people grow up at a healthy weight.
Since its launch in 2013, Voices for Healthy Kids has funded efforts to: open more grocery stores in low-income communities, unlock schoolyard gates so families could have a safe place to play, ensure sugary drinks were no longer served in childcare centers, and secure funding for sidewalks and bike paths in communities that needed them.

Key highlights in the progress report include:  
  • Increasing access to safe places to be active for more than 29 million people in Arizona, Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, Washington, and West Virginia
  • Providing healthier school snacks for more than 4.5 million students in Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Utah, including 2.5 million low-income children.
  •  Increasing access to affordable healthy foods in Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas.
  • Serving healthier drinks to young children and helping all families rethink their drinks in Illinois, Maryland and California.

Voices for Healthy Kids: Working to help all children achieve a healthy weight.