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Marketing Matters - Protecting children from unhealthy food and beverage marketing
Voices for Healthy Kids is working to protect children from marketing for unhealthy foods and beverages.
Unhealthy products are heavily marketed to kids, and research shows that exposure to food marketing increases children’s risk for obesity. We will work to make unhealthy food and beverage marketing less ubiquitous and harmful by:
  • Encouraging food and beverage companies to only advertise their healthiest products to young people, and media companies to only accept advertising for healthy products
  • Continuing efforts to improve the quality of kids’ meals in restaurants by linking strong nutrition standards to marketing practices and product tie-ins, such as toy giveaways
  • Working to ensure that students are not subjected to advertisements for unhealthy foods or beverages on school grounds

Our Expert:

As a co-convener of the Food Marketing Work Group, Berkeley Media Studies Group (BMSG) is focusing on protecting children from the marketing of unhealthy foods and drinks. They bring a network of more than 125 organizations dedicated to eliminating harmful food marketing — particularly marketing aimed at those most vulnerable to obesity and related health problems. Berkeley Media Studies Group is known for helping community and public health groups practice media advocacy — the strategic use of media to advance healthy public policy. BMSG is a project of the Public Health Institute.

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