Voices for Healthy Kids - Healthy Drinks

Healthy Drinks - Reducing Consumption of Sugary Beverages
Voices for Healthy Kids is working to reduce overall consumption of sugary beverages.

To do so, we will focus on working with states and communities to promote the accessibility, availability and affordability of healthy beverages by:
  • Pursuing pricing incentives for water and other healthy beverages
  • Collaborating with state and local health departments and community leaders to launch public awareness campaigns that promote healthy beverages
  • Working with restaurants and other food retailers to limit portion sizes of sugar-sweetened beverages and remove such beverages from kids’ menus
  • Partnering with state and local policymakers to remove sugar-sweetened beverages from government-owned buildings and facilities
  • Increasing awareness of the possible impacts of taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages.
Our Expert:

The Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity is working to reduce kids’ consumption of sugary drinks. Rudd will expand and share its research and educational tools to ensure children have better access to healthy beverages and less access to beverages filled with unnecessary, empty calories. The Rudd Center is known for its leading-edge research on the health consequences and targeted marketing of sugary drinks, as well as policy changes that can help reduce consumption of unhealthy drinks.
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