Non-Profit Issues

Updated:Apr 1,2011

The American Heart Association covers many areas when it comes to heart disease and stroke (see list at right). The current priority is to ensure the continued societal contributions and viability of nonprofit organizations by monitoring and, as appropriate, influencing legislative and regulatory efforts that attempt to restrict or prohibit charitable giving and other nonprofit efforts and activities.

Charitable Giving Incentives

  • Promote and expand policies that help Americans give back to their communities. This includes support for state tax systems that encourage Americans to give back through tax deductions for contributions to tax-exempt charitable organizations.
  • Promote policies that help students give back to their communities through public service and charitable giving in schools.

Charitable Tax Exemptions

  • Promote policies that preserve the favorable tax treatment of nonprofit organizations including exemptions from property tax, sales tax and exemptions from other use taxes or fees provided under state and local laws.

Nonprofit Advocacy and Lobbying

  • Promote the right and duty of nonprofits to be engaged in public debate on important public policy issues. 
  • Support the ability of nonprofits to encourage voter and citizen participation in elections.

Accountability and Oversight

  • Support policies that provide for transparency and accountability to ensure integrity and public trust in our nonprofit institutions.

For more information about the policies on this page, please contact Jill Birnbaum, 214.706.1381

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Advocacy Contacts

The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association advocates for sound public policy strategies aimed at reducing heart disease and stroke. We have government relations teams in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Learn who your federal and state staff contacts are and how to reach them about policy issues.