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Updated:Jun 23,2011

stethoscope heartAcross the nation the American Heart Association is fighting the battle against heart disease and stroke. Teams in all 50 states are working to advocate for state laws and local ordinances that impact heart disease and stroke risk factors as well as policies that protect survivors of heart disease or stroke.
To find out what we’re doing in your area, visit the You’re the Cure Action center.

Looking for ways you can help?

Your voice can make a difference.
Fighting heart disease and stroke seems like a huge battle. It's hard to believe that just one voice can make a difference. But it can. By just writing, calling or visiting with decision-makers, YOU can help change the laws and policies that affect your life! Join You’re the Cure today!

Why Does This Matter to Me?
Every year, close to a million Americans die of heart disease and stroke. They are your friends, your neighbors and your family members. These diseases affect all of us in some way.

What Will I Be Asked to Do? 
When you join the American Heart Association's You’re the Cure Advocacy Network, we will ask you to call, write or visit decision-makers at the federal and state level, and in your community. We will ask you to express your views on important American Heart Association issues.

The American Heart Association will send you information on easy steps that you can take to help. You will receive:

  • Requests for action: to call, write or visit policymakers
  • Updates on American Heart Association issues 
  • A quarterly newsletter

You can respond to the issues that are important to you and become as involved as you like. Most importantly, you'll know that your call, your visit, your letter, YOUR VOICE made a difference.

Join You’re the Cure today!

Join the You're the Cure Network

You don't have to be a heart surgeon to save lives — just an advocate willing to speak out.

Join the You're the Cure network today!

Advocacy Contacts

The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association advocates for sound public policy strategies aimed at reducing heart disease and stroke. We have government relations teams in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Learn who your federal and state staff contacts are and how to reach them about policy issues.