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clip board with booksHealth Policy Fact Sheets

The American Heart Association advocates for improvements to cardiovascular disease prevention, care and research at the local, state and national levels.  The Office of Policy Research and Development develop fact sheets on key issues that are grounded in the best available scientific evidence.
 stethoscope with rxPolicy Position Statements

From time to time, the American Heart Association puts out policy statements, guidelines or recommendations in the areas of heart disease and stroke prevention and research.  These are based on expertise from the science and policy arenas and are the basis for our efforts in Washington, DC and your state capitols.
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 Policy Report

The Policy Report is a new publication from AHA Policy Advocacy. This report, published twice a year, will highlight the latest policy research priorities from our department.

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Statements & Guidelines Library

An archive of our policy and science recommendations.

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Capital Building ImageHeart and Stroke Statistics

Current statistics on heart disease, stroke and related cardiovascular conditions.