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Updated:Oct 28,2013

For the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, health care reform is about putting patients first. Behind the statistics are real people and families, looking to access the quality care they need to treat or prevent heart disease and stroke.

Meet Manning!
Manning, a three year old congenital heart disease survivor, and his family know the challenge of living under a broken health care system. Following months of multiple surgeries needed to save his life, Manning had already reached his $1 million lifetime cap by the age of two, leaving his family wondering what the future would hold. However, patient protections established under the Affordable Care Act, including prohibiting insurance companies from imposing annual or lifetime limits on essential medical care and ensuring kids with pre-existing conditions can remain covered, will help patients’ like Manning access and afford the care they need.

Share Your Story!
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With implementation of the new health care law underway, making health care coverage more accessible and affordable to millions of Americans, we want to hear your health care story!

By sharing your personal story about the new health care reforms that have benefitted you or your family, you can help educate your fellow heart disease and stroke patients about the new coverage options and protections that may be available to them as well.

  • Do you have a child with a pre-existing condition who is now eligible for coverage?
  • Have you encountered problems with lifetime caps in the past- which are now prohibited?
  • Are you a young adult (under 26 years old) who can now stay covered under your parent's plan?
  • Have you put off preventative care in the past because you couldn’t afford it?
  • Are you or someone you know enrolled in the new Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan?
  • Are you a senior who has recently received a rebate check to make it easier to purchase prescription drugs?
  • Have you had your insurance policy cancelled after you got sick which is now prohibited?
If you fit any of the profiles above, let us know! Your story won’t be used without your consent, but as opportunities to share patient stories come up, whether it is on the web, through the media, or at events, we’ll be able to reach out to you to discuss your interest in helping further.

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