Get With The Guidelines®

Patient outcomes improve when medical professionals follow the most up-to-date evidence-based treatment guidelines.

Chronic disease impacts everyone.

Given today's rise in healthcare expenditures we must ensure that health care quality and patient outcomes are not compromised.

A foundation for success.

Get With The Guidelines (GWTG) is a framework that transforms and improves treatment for cardiovascular conditions using a quality improvement model of ongoing data collection, analysis and care delivery.

Each module helps hospitals follow the most-up-to-date, evidence-based treatment guidelines to reduce gaps and eliminate disparities in care.

Address the challenge.

GWTG is a consistent process that promotes adherence to the latest treatment guidelines improving patient care with measurable outcomes.

Our registry tool is an online, interactive assessment and reporting system, that enables data submission while tracking and reporting on hospital performance at delivering guidelines-based treatment.

A Competitive Edge:

Hospitals that participate actively and consistently in Get With The Guidelines programs are eligible for public recognition. Awards can be leveraged for PR and marketing opportunities, as well as recruiting and staff engagement. 

Join the leader.

GWTG has helped more than 13 million patients around the world since 1999. The continuing cycle of data collection, analysis and improvement defines our shared commitment to patient outcomes and healthcare quality improvement.

How does GWTG Work?

  • Hospitals enter relevant quality metrics (KPIs) into the registry tool.
  • Real-time reports show adherence to ideal, guidelines-based care.
  • Multi-disciplinary teams analyze and create a plan for improvement.

Partnering with you every step.

Our staff works with you to provide mentorship, skill development opportunities, best-practice sharing and other tools to help you continue to improve results.

Benefits for Patients, Healthcare Professionals & Hospitals

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GWTG helps hospitals gain a competitive advantage in crowded healthcare marketplace with national and local recognition.

Healthcare professionals in participating programs can have confidence that they are working for the leaders in their field.

Patients benefit from reduced hospital stays and readmission rates.

All benefit from elimination of treatment inequalities between men, women and older patients.

Other Benefits:

  • Access the most up-to-date research and scientific publications
  • Workshops and webinars develop skills
  • Network with leaders in the field
  • Contribute to scientific research advancing global cardiovascular health, adding to the 600 studies already published
  • Access clinical tools and patient education resources
  • Performance benchmarking locally, nationally and internationally

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Develop Tomorrow's Guidelines, Today

In addition to helping hospitals apply the latest treatment guidelines today, GWTG plays an essential role in developing tomorrow's guidelines.

Each module functions as a registry, tracking and measuring patient treatments and outcomes. Published findings from scientific studies based on GWTG data are making major contributions to the future of heart disease and stroke care.

Focus on Quality Webinars

Our “Get With The Guidelines” webinars provide an easy way for professionals to learn the latest treatment guidelines from our AHA experts.

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