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Saving Strokes

2019 Events

October 4 - Saving Strokes - The Legacy Golf Club, Henderson, NV 

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Saving Strokes
Photo of stroke survivor learning to golf

Saving Strokes began in Sacramento, CA in 2001 with 26 participants

The vision was to offer stroke survivors an opportunity to participate in golf for pleasure as well as for physical rehabilitation. Sixteen years later, this small program has grown to 25+ sites in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Utah and serves over 1,500 participants annually.

The program sees approximately 40 percent growth annually in new participants, with more than half having no prior golf experience. Saving Strokes is inclusive of all ages, stages of rehabilitation and skill levels to produce an environment of learning, networking and support for all involved.

woman giving man golf tips

Getting back into the swing of life

Each year we receive heartwarming letters from Saving Strokes participants telling us how golf has changed their lives, the lives of their friends and the lives of their caregivers. People who believed their days of socializing outdoors with others was over are now out in the fresh air making new friends and getting much needed exercise as a result of their participation in Saving Strokes.

The vision of the Saving Strokes programs is to provide stroke survivors the opportunity to be welcomed to the game of golf through orientation to the game and affordable golf instruction. The ultimate goals are to make them comfortable playing (or returning to play) with the mainstream golfing public and get them back into the swing of life!