WI Healthy Food Access Campaign

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Every neighborhood should have access to a place where people can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, low-fat dairy and whole grains.

Many Milwaukee residents live in areas considered a food desert, where it is difficult to buy fresh food. An important goal of the Wisconsin Healthy Food Access Initiative is to bring healthy food options into these food deserts in order to improve the health of residents of Milwaukee. 

Fast Facts

  • In a recent survey conducted by the Milwaukee Health Department, 39.9% of Milwaukeeans selected "access to affordable and healthy food" as the biggest barrier impacting their health. 
  • When healthy food is readily available, children and adults develop better eating habits and better overall health, including a decrease risk of obesity. 
  • Healthy food financing programs help create jobs for people living in the neighborhood, create markets for farmers and have the potential to lower health care costs.
  • Over half of Milwaukeeans living in food deserts are overweight or obese.  
Milwaukee Food Access Map (PDF)