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Help us ensure everyone in North Dakota has the opportunity to live longer, healthier lives.

Healthy for Good

Living healthy and free of disease makes a critical difference in quality of life. That’s why we’re working to raise awareness about the vital effect lifestyle has on health and helping communities form healthy habits.

Show You Have North Dakota at Heart

You can make a difference by lending your support to help improve the long-term health of North Dakota.

Woman smiling and raising both of her arms in a strength pose. Text reads Heather VacLav, heart attack survivor

Help prevent death from heart disease and stroke

Heather got a second chance at life because caring people like you help fund critical research and breakthroughs. Help save more lives and give more second chances with a monthly gift of $19 or more and receive a limited-edition "We Save Lives" T-shirt with our thanks.

Local Events

Join the fight to end heart disease and stroke by attending a local event!

Cruz Krause

Leading with Survivors

Cruz Krause is normally a whirling, 5-year-old tornado of activity. So on April 11, 2018, when he could barely walk around the bed at home without gingerly hanging on to steady himself, his parents knew something was wrong. They took him to their local hospital in Carrington, where the PA on duty ordered a head CT. The tests showed that something just wasn't quite right in Cruz's little brain and that he had potentially suffered several small, mini-strokes in the past. Cruz was flown to Fargo, and upon arrival an MRI showed that he was suffering from a very rare basilar stroke. Ninety percent of people who have this type of stroke die from it.

Hey North Dakota! Watch Me Go Red!

Over the next few months, women across North Dakota will join together and we will be focusing on encouraging women to say, “Watch Me Go Red.” Not just in words, but in our actions. Whether it’s our mothers, our daughters, our sisters or our friends, we hold tremendous power to inspire others. Because together, there’s nothing women can’t achieve. Join our Watch Me Go Red Facebook Group for inspiration, healthy tips and to connect with other women.

CPR & First Aid Training

Emergencies leave us feeling helpless, but they don’t have to. Take two minutes to learn Hands-Only CPR™ now. 70 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen in homes. When a person has a cardiac arrest, immediate CPR can double or triple their chance of survival. Prepare to save a life, find a CPR course near you today.

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North Dakota Mission: Lifeline

ND Mission: Lifeline Stroke’s innovative regional collaboration will work to ensure compatibility, consistent training and uniform protocols for both transporting and treating stroke patients across the state.

Changing Policy

Our legislative and regulatory priorities help to mitigate risk factors and protect survivors in communities across the country. We advocate for federal, state and local policies that help Americans build healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

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