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Stroke Care 2.0

Stroke care needs innovation and evolution. Join us at the 2021 Nebraska Mission: Lifeline Rural Stroke Innovators Summit.

2021 Nebraska Mission: Lifeline Rural Stroke Innovators Grant Application

Funding the Future of Rural Stroke Care

The next phase of stroke care in Nebraska is upon us—great thinkers in the medicine world can get support for their efforts from Nebraska Mission: Lifeline. At the Stroke Innovators Summit, we will bring together industry, academia, and the investment community to have collaborative discussions on rural stroke care in Nebraska. The Stroke Innovators grant will make positive impacts on stroke outcomes for rural stroke patients by funding projects impacting rehabilitation and improving outcomes.

Meet our 2020 Grant Winners and Worthy Applicants

Our 2020 Innovators Summit featured project proposals from several organizations across the state seeking to change and improve stroke care for rural patients.

Watch the 2020 Stroke Innovators Summit

In its inaugural year, the 2020 Nebraska Mission: Lifeline Rural Stroke Innovators Summit recognized innovations in rural stroke care and celebrated stroke survivors.

Stroke Recovery Resource – QLI Smart Coach

A specialized rehabilitation program is essential to achieving the best possible long-term recovery. Combining industry-leading expertise and cutting-edge technology, QLI Telerehabilitation takes a practical approach to real-world therapy. 


Our team is ready to support your efforts in stroke-care innovation. If you have questions about the Innovators Grant, let us know! Email your full name, email address and comments to

About Mission: Lifeline

Mission: Lifeline serves as AHA’s nationwide initiative aimed at transforming stroke care through evidence-based improvements and system-wide needs.