Los Angeles Division Contacts

We're part of the Los Angeles county community and we can't wait to get to know you! If you have questions about our events, how to get involved, sponsorships or media requests please reach out to our staff.

Who to Contact:

Los Angeles Main Office: (213) 291-7000

CPR certification: For training and certification please contact a local training center, our office does not provide classes. Locate a training center near you and find more information on our CPR website or call our national CPR training line for assistance at 1-877-AHA-4CPR or 1-877-242-4277.

Go Red for Women
Laura Baker, Senior Business Development Director, (213) 291-7051
Jackie Tan, Business Development Director, (213) 291-7201
Melissa Lin, Associate Business Development Director, (213) 291-7049

Heart & Stroke Ball:
Lauren Hall, Senior Business Development Director, (213) 291-7107
Stephanie MacDougall, Business Development Director, (213) 291-7119 

Heart & Stroke Walk:
Kelsey Muir, Senior Business Development Director (213) 201-7060
Victoria Kemp, Business Development Director, (213) 291-7094
Richard Van Egtern, Business Development Director, (213) 291-7105
Jackie Tan, Business Development Director, (213) 291-7201

Kids Heart Challenge:
Kuniko Okuda, Customer Service Specialist (213) 291-7108

Community Impact
Carolina Barahona, Senior Director, (213) 291-7050
Bryce Fluellen, Director, (213) 291-7038 
Ana-Alicia Carr, Director, (213) 291-7043
Ray Niu, Director, (213) 291-7074   
Matthew Gallimore, Director, (213) 291-7079

Community Advocacy
Amanda Staples, Director, (213) 291-7030

Media Relations:
Kristine Kelly, Senior Director, Communications & Marketing (213) 291-7080
Elena De La Cruz, Director, Latino Communications & Marketing (213) 291-7082

We're @AmericanHeartLA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

For national media inquiries, please call (214) 706-1173

National Call Center: 1-800-242-8721

Additional Media Resources: