Lorraine Dodero STEM Goes Red For Girls Scholarship

A Future in Science and Medicine

Cleveland is home to important medical institutions.

But there is a shortage of women leading the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (often referred to collectively as STEM) here and elsewhere in the United States.
In fact, only 3% of women with STEM bachelor’s degrees work in STEM fields after graduating. And women account for just for 34% of practicing physicians and 38% of medical researchers in the U.S.

As cardiovascular disease continues to be the No. 1 killer of women, ensuring more women are at the forefront STEM solutions has never been more critical. 

Enter Cleveland philanthropist Lorraine Dodero. A dedicated volunteer leader of the American Heart Association, she is passionate about helping young girls pursue their goals in STEM fields. 

When Dodero learned about an opportunity to create a scholarship in connection with the local STEM Goes Red for Girls movement, she jumped at the chance.  

Today, thanks to Dodero, five girls a year are getting the opportunity to pursue STEM fields in college. 

Dodero is a visionary leader in the community who is helping develop a robust pipeline of innovators. “These young minds,” she says, “could develop the research, technology and discoveries that someday eliminate heart disease and stroke and ensure health equity in our communities.”

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